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THIS PAGE is dedicated to three of the joys of my life -- my English Bulldogs named Rosie, Riley, and POTUS. Over the years, we ate breakfast together in the mornings, we exercised together at least twice a day, we worked together, we played, we laughed at each other, we hugged, we entertained each other, and we got to keep each other company during the night in a big bed!

ROSIE & RILEY have passed on, and I'll never forget them. Currently, POTUS keeps me company. My bulldogs havea brought me joy and laughter, and I've seen them make other people smile every day.

I love them VERY MUCH.



THE HAUTE DOG organization (pro-nounced "HOT") is a diverse and growing network of dog owners, lovers, educators, rescuers and supporters. Our common bond has resulted in a unique and lively community of folks who share some qualities of our favorite dogs: devotion, spirit and tenacity.

Through educational outreach and events, we hope to help inspire a better understanding and appreciation of dogs, dispel damaging myths, encourage responsible ownership practices, and offer practical adoption and rescue opportunities.

This Web site is dedicated to my English Bulldogs Rosie & Riley and to all dogs who continue to be brave and loving.

Warm regards,

Justin Rudd!
Exec. Director
Community Action Team
a 501c3 nonprofit
& Haute Dogs

THE MAIN PURPOSE of the Community Action Team (CAT) is to promote social well-being among the general public. As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors, contributions to CAT are tax deductible and are used to help produce quality events within our community that benefit children, animals and the environment.

C.A.T. IS AN UMBRELLA organization that includes Haute Dogs and:
4Halloween Kids' Costume Contest
4July 4 Kids' Bike Parade
4Dog-themed Poetry contest
4Interfaith Blessing of the Animals
4$1,000 National Elementary School Spelling Bee
4So Cal Adult Spelling Bee
4Sidewalk Chalk Art & Poet
ry Contest
4Haute Dogs on the Beach events
4Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade
4Operation Easter Basket
4Operation Santa Paws

45k/10k Long Beach Turkey Trot
4monthly 30-Minute Beach Cleanups.



Red Carpet Riley at the Rosie Awards
JUST ANNOUNCED: winners listed below.

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The "Rosie" Awards Go to...

rosieCONGRATS TO the following films. To coincide each year with the Oscars, we have the "Rosie Awards" or simply "The Rosies." For years, Rosie (Justin Rudd's English Bulldog, shown) sniffed out dogs that played outstanding, "paw"sitive roles in movies. After her passing, that selection task has now gone to her little 50-lb. brother Riley. This is the 8th year for the awards.

Best Actor nominees

Luis RioLuiz - Rio WINNER
Jack – The Artist
Arthur – Beginners
Marley – Marley & Me: The Puppy Years

Best Actress nominees

Blackie HugoQueenie – Water for Elephants
Chloe – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Tao – The Day The Dogs Disappeared
Snowy - Tintin
Skeletor - 50/50
Blackie - Hugo WINNER

Best Film nominees

Rio movieRio WINNER
The Artist

click: article in the Press-Telegram

Because of Rosie's Inspiration, the only dog beach in Los Angeles County is now "Rosie's Dog Beach"

Rosie’s Dog Beach, Belmont Shore, between Argonne and Roycroft avenues.  The signage is where the beachfront parking lot meets the sand - directly in front of the off-leash area.

Westways magazine bulldog rosie justin ruddShe has 1,667 fans on Facebook; she appeared on Animal Planet and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno; she was on the cover of Westways magazine; she inspired the “Bulldog Beauty Contest” – the world’s largest gathering of bulldogs that takes place annually in Long Beach.  As of Aug. 3, this bulldog now has Los Angeles County’s only dog beach named in her honor.

The Long Beach City Council voted to rename the 3-acre Long Beach Dog Zone after the late bulldog that inspired the beach’s creation more than nine years ago.  Justin Rudd’s English bulldog “Rosie” was the inspiration that allowed dogs to be leash-free in Belmont Shore after a more than 30 year prohibition.  Rosie, who lived within blocks of the beach for her 12-year life, wanted a place where she and other dogs could frolic off-leash in the surf and sand.  After 20 months of off-leash special events hosted by Rudd and Rosie and another 15-month pilot program, the off-leash beach area became fulltime in Oct., 2004.  Hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and mixes visit this area daily, and it remains the only off-leash beach in Los Angeles County.

Fan page for Rosie the Bulldog on Facebook:

CLICK: Belmont Shore says farewell to its beloved pooch

g CLICK: Rosie the bulldog, an icon of Belmont Shore, dies at 12. - Press-Telegram

g Oct. 7, 1997 - Jan. 24, 2010
The Good Life of Rosie the Bulldog

rosie in her wagon
FRANK GROFF AND JUSTIN RUDD welcomed the red brindle, 4-month-old English bulldog named "Rosie" into their Belmont Shore home in early Jan. 1998. Shortly thereafter, Groff and Rudd got Rosie her first red wagon so they could enjoy her company on their strolls along 2nd St. The license plate on her red wagon simply read, "ROSIE." For most of her life, she was escorted around Belmont Shore in her wagon, bringing joy and smiles to both out-of-towners and locals.

IT WAS INSPIRATION from Rosie that Rudd began his Belmont Shore Haute Dog events and projects including the creation of the Long Beach off-leash dog beach, the Haute Dog Easter and Howl'oween Parades, the Interfaith Blessing of the Animals, the Bulldog Beauty Contest, the Haute Dog Poetry Contest, Operation Santa Paws, a spay/neuter voucher program, a weekly 13,000-subscriber DOG e-newsletter, and other animal-related activities.

rosie on lenoROSIE WAS A GREAT MASCOT for Haute Dogs, Belmont Shore and the City of Long Beach. The 38-lb. dog had lots of media attention over the 12 years of her life, including an appearance with Rudd on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, a game show on Animal Planet, and an episode on HGTV where Rudd and Rosie made a trip back to Rudd's hometown in Alabama. She was also on the cover of Westways and was featured in an AP photo in an internationally-released story about dog beaches. She helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for local charities. Rudd and Rosie made numerous visits to school groups to talk about humane education and dog ownership.

ROSIE'S BROTHER "Riley" was introduced into the household by Ralph Millero approx. three years ago. Despite being about a year old at the time, Riley quickly gained the trust and companionship of Rudd, Millero and Rosie. The two bullies became best buddies as they rough-housed on the leather sofa, chomped on bones filled with peanut butter, and napped nearby each other while having snoring contests. And, of course, Rosie was happy to share her red wagon with her 50-lb. brother.

justin and rosieHER NICKNAMES were "Grrr" (short for Girl) and "Baby Grr." She loved the Long Beach dog beach, riding in the car, sleeping on her chair, squeaky toys, sleeping on daddy's bed, tug-of-war and rides in her red flyer wagon up to Second St. She delighted having Skippy on Wheat Thins and loved it when daddy would "accidentally" drop pieces of popcorn on the carpet. Before she grew hard of hearing in her final years, her least favorite word was "bath." Her favorite words were "car", "treat", "eat" and "beach." Her tricks included sit, stay, speak, sofa (hop up on the sofa) and playing opossum.

ROSIE ENJOYED BARKING at garbage trucks, garbage cans on wheels, loud Harley-Davidsons, the mailman, Roller blades and skateboards. She was athletic, too. Rosie participated in the Long Beach marathon as she rode in a cart pulled behind Rudd's bike for the 26-mile course through the city.

Rosie in her wagon with Justin!THE LAST DAYS
Rosie's vet diagnosed her with severe bronchitis and pneumonia in early 2010 after being observed some nights with excessive panting. After x-rays and a few weeks on anitbiotics, Rosie seemed to be getting better. However, her breathing became labored in the early evening on Sat., Jan. 23, and she was rushed to the closest emergency, after-hours vet clinic, some 20 minutes away. With the help of an oxygen mask, and in critical condition, she held on for a few more hours. It was shortly after midnight when she went into cardiac arrest, and attempts with CPR failed. Rosie the bulldog passed away in the early morning of Jan. 24, 2010. She would have turned 13 that year.

SHE IS NOT GONE. She has gone before us. Rosie is running around on the great dog beach in Heaven and taking all the other doggies on joy rides in her red wagon. And, we're pretty sure she's snacking on popcorn and savoring Wheat Thins with peanut butter. And, she's definitely continuing to bring big smiles to faces.

g A TRIBUTE was held for Rosie on Sat., Jan. 30, 2010, at the Long Beach Dog Beach at 11 a.m. 

Queen RosieAS PART OF RUDD'S annual "Bulldog Beauty Contest" and "Senior Dog Contest" that takes place on near Valentine's weekend, Rudd dedicates the top awards in memory of Rosie. The extravaganza attracts some 300 English bulldogs and several dozen senior dogs of all ages, breeds and mixes, as they parade down a 100-foot red carpet in front of a few thousand spectators. (event details).

g Rosie's Facebook Fan Page: Rosie the Bulldog | Long Beach, Calif.

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Happy Birthday Bulldog

RILEY TURNED 6 ON AUG. 19, 2011.

Riley Now Hosts the
Bulldog Beauty Contest

Bentley, Olde English Bulldog Pageant Winner 2009THE BULLDOG BEAUTY CONTEST
is the main event each year at the Haute Dog Pageants produced by beauty pageant and bulldog enthusiast Justin Rudd.  In addition to the Bulldog and French Bulldog contests, Rudd includes pageants for Pugs, Chihuahuas, Pit Bulls, Mixed Breeds, and Senior Dogs (all breeds/mixes, ages 10+).  Contestants range in age from four months to 17 years and travel to Long Beach, Calif., from as far as northern California, Las Vegas, and Arizona, to compete for the coveted titles. DETAILS

Rosie (left) welcomed her 62-lb. little brother Riley (right) to the household on Fri., Oct. 20, 2006.

Rosie in the LA Times - Valentine's Day '05
AS JUSTIN RUDD TALKS about his Valentine's Day plans, there is an eager listener sitting nearby. Her ears perk up as she hears him spell out "b-e-a-c-h." Rudd recently completed his Valentine's card for Rosie , one of the loves of his life. It has a whimsical pink outer-space theme, and on the inside is the endearment, "You mean the world to me."  Inside is a picture of her. She's a looker, though a bit wrinkly for her age. Of course, that's to be expected. Rosie is a 7-year-old English bulldog.  With the number of pet owners in the United States growing, many people are including their furry friends in Valentine's Day celebrations. ...

IN LOS ANGELES , Rudd organized a card contest to help pet lovers express their feelings. "Homemade Valentine's Cards for Pets" encouraged people to show love for their favorite pet — or shelter animal. Entries were judged at a Yappy Hour party at Wiskers Pet Beastro and Bowteek in Long Beach and will be displayed for the rest of the week.  "My purpose in doing dog events is to develop bonds between animals and those who love them," said Rudd, who directs a community-action nonprofit organization and runs the website  ... As for Rudd and Rosie , they'll head to Beverly Hills , where they will have lunch with Rudd's partner, Ralph , and then pick up some treats at a nearby pet boutique. "You might say pets don't know what you're doing," Rudd said. "But you give my dog a treat, and she knows." ---by Sara Clarke , LA Times Staff Writer; (I've edited this text down to only include the parts about me & Rosie . --Justin!)

Rosie May Not Have Cancer

I GOT THE DREADED biopsy results (1/13/04) and they diagnosed myxosarcoma – an uncommon, slow-growing, invasive cancer around the joint on the underside of Rosie's front right shoulder. The surgeon says there is no clear definition of her cancerous tissue and that two main nerves pass right by it. He removed what he could, but expected it to grow back slowly and does not expect it to spread. IHe advises a cancer specialist who might suggest radiation or chemo to help slow the cancer process. Most of Rosie 's soreness/pain in that front leg is due to arthritis in the joints, he says. Rosie is now almost twelve years old. She is lying on the couch (her favorite resting spot) and is snoring with her eyes open, looking at me as I type.
- 2/19/09

MET WITH A cancer specialist and she suggested a second biopsy before beginning radiation. If it is cancer, she suggests that we go for 1-hour radiation treatments in Sherman Oaks (1.5-hr. drive from Long Beach each way) every weekday afternoon for one month. Approx. $4,000. We will get the second opinion on the biopsy next week.

I took Rosie in for a second opinion two weeks ago before beginning the suggested radiation treatments.  Yesterday's second opinion result states that it's not cancer, yet is a joint cyst.  Now I have to decide to go with the first or second opinion or to get a third.

It's been more than a year since they removed the lump from her leg area in early Jan., 2004, she is back to her normal self -- running around, visiting the dog beach, eating well, chewing bones, etc.  I have still not taken her in for a third opinion on the cancer.  I am keeping a close watch on the area where the growth was removed.  There are no signs of pain and the growth has not returned.  Thank Goodness!

Other than a slight limp caused by arthritis (so says the vet), Rosie eats well, sleeps well and loves life. She is 9 years old and is looking forward to the Haute Dog Easter and Howl'oween Parades and the Bulldog Beauty Contest around Valentine's Day.

Justin Rudd and his English Bulldog Rosie, at a bingo fundraiser for Haute Dogs and CAT.

Ode to Rosie

by Justin Rudd!
Submitted for the 2004 Haute Dog Poetry Contest. Click here for contest details.

Her tail is short
Her waist is wide
At 39 pounds, she’s a beauty.

She has a lot of love
But, not a long tail
She means all the world to me.

She likes to go for coffee
She likes it at the beach
She likes me to scratch her ear.

She likes her treats
She likes my bed
She likes to have me near

She loves to eat
She likes to sleep
She likes to lick my face.

She eats real loud
And snores like a train
And walks at a very slow pace

She rides in the wagon
She rides in the car
She rarely skips a meal

She loves the couch
She digs her bone
She likes to bark a great deal.

She doesn't like baths
She doesn't like noises
She really doesn't like me to go.

She dislikes heat
She really hates fleas
She really hates the word “N-O!”

She likes to get scratched
She likes to get stroked
She likes a short walk to the park.

But give her a bone
And give her a ball
But, don’t leave Rosie in the dark

click: Legend's Sports Bar Fire
click: Justin Rudd Photography
click: Bulldog Beauty Contest

dog photography by Justin Rudd! | DETAILS


Dreaming of Beaches
A poem by Justin Rudd! on behalf of his dog Rosie
April 9, 2006

Is my most favorite word.
I shake and I wiggle
Whenever it's heard.

On the beach, is where I like to play
On the sand, in the surf, of every day.

From morning til night I dream of the time
Where I can run free
off the leash -- it's sublime.

With the crash of the waves, and yips of the pups
I like all the dogs, from the pounds or from Krupps.

Sniffing and chasing is what I like to do.The beach is my playground and you'll like it, too.

I like to get wet,
but you know I can't swim.
I don't stray from Dad,
My eyes are on him.

My favorite part
is stealing a toy
From a dog who's not watching.
It brings me great joy.

Tennis balls or Frisbees.
They all taste the same.
Just give me a chance
In the waves with my game.

The Dog Zone's my favorite
It's here in The Shore.
This 3-acre heaven
There is nothing more.

The sun on my back.
The breeze on my nose.
The salt on my tongue.
The sand in my toes.

I can't wait
to do it again.
I'll whoop and I'll holler.
My head's in a spin.

Off to the beach
It's like the Grand Prix
There's fast ones and young ones
And, then there is me.

My short legs are older
My face is more grey
But, that's quite alright,
I still love to play.

When beach fun is over
Oh, Boy! The wrath.
It's off to the house
And, into the bath.

B-A-T-H is my least favorite part.
But, Dad says I must
And, I think Dad's smart.

After I'm clean
and dry in my bed,
It's off to the Shore
With more dreams in my head.